Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ah-Choo! - How I took Control of My Allergies

The first time I went to the allergist I was shocked to leave the office with a positive diagnosis of severe seasonal allergies (trees, weeds, grass, mold, and dust mites to name a few) and 4 prescriptions for allergy medicines. I was to take three of them EVERYDAY and the inhaler was on an "as needed" basis. WHAT!? I was dismayed, dejected, downtrodden. My beloved outdoors was being taken away from me (afterall, it made me sneeze) and was being replaced with Zyrtec, Allegra, Nasonex I don't care how sute your little accented bee is!

I stayed on this allergy regiment for a couple of years. The I was introduced to allergy shots. And off to the allergist I went every Tuesday after work, plunked down my $25 copay (a week) and got my injection of sneeze no more.

When I came across a testimony from someone who had complete relief from his allergies using Shaklee's all natural, proven safe solutions, I was skeptical. I was a fan of Shaklee supplements, but could they possible work to relieve these highly medicated allergies? But really, what did I have to lose?
I started on a regiment of Alfalfa and Nutriferon in addition to my regular nutritional supplement program. Wouldn't you know it - my allergies were all but gone within about a month. No more sniffly, runny nose. No more headaches, eyeaches, tummy aches, and dizziness. It was fabulous!

I still use this regiment, but I've decreased it to just allergy season. Oh, like right now! Anyone's allergies acting up? Try this program. What do you have to lose?

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